CDM Adviser to the Principal Designer & Client

The CDM Adviser is not a statutory role. The CDM Adviser can give advice to the client about how to discharge Client duties, and advice to Principal Designers, Designers, and Principal Contractors about how to discharge their respective duties.


The main areas on which they can advise include:

  • Preparation of a Clients brief for the project
  • Making suitable arrangements for managing the project, including time and other resources
  • Making suitable arrangements to ensure that the construction work can be carried out without risks to the health or safety of any person affected by the project
  • Welfare facilities provided for the construction work
  • Project management arrangements maintained and reviewed throughout the project
  • Pre-construction Information to be provided by the Client
  • The Construction Phase Plan drawn up by the Contractor or by the Principal Contractor
  • Preparation of the Health and Safety File during the Pre-Construction Phase
  • The suitability or otherwise of the Construction Phase Plan and the provision of the proposed welfare facilities prior to construction work commencing on site
  • What reasonable steps the Client should take to ensure that the PD and PC comply with their respective duties
  • Disposing of the building or structure and handing over the Health and Safety File
  • Notification to the Health and Safety Executive, or the Office of Rail Regulation, or the Office for Nuclear Regulation instead of the Executive as appropriate


The CDM Adviser can, if required, advise the Client on the health and safety skills, knowledge, experience and, where it is an organisation, the organisational capability and resources of proposed Designers and/or Contractors prior to arrangements being made for design or construction work to begin.

Where an Architect or Building Consultancy are requested by the Client to take the role of the Principal Designer a CDM Adviser could be appointed as a sub-consultant to assist during the Pre-Construction Phase.

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