Construction Phase Plans


JAD Consulting can assist Principal Contractors in the production of Construction Phase Plans to meet the requirements of the CDM 2015 Regulations. Please contact us to discuss your requirements. Our fee for the production of a bespoke construction phase plan starts at just £60.00 (price is dependent on the size and complexity of the project).


What do the CDM 2015 Regulations require?

A new requirement of the updated CDM Regulations require the production of a construction phase plan for all construction work including that carried out for domestic clients which would include extensions, fitting new windows, driveways and so forth.

The construction phase plan should be developed prior to any works beginning on site and be sufficient in its contents in relation to the natures of the works being carried out.

The way in which the construction phase will be managed and the key health and safety issues for the particular project must be set out in writing in the construction phase plan. This plan should set out the organisation and arrangements that have been put in place to manage risk and co-ordinate the work on site. It should not be a repository for detailed generic risk assessments, records of how decisions were reached or detailed method statements, but it may, for example set out when such documents will need to be prepared. It should be well focused, clear and easy for contractors and others to understand – emphasizing key points and avoiding irrelevant material. It is crucial that all relevant parties are involved and co-operate in the development and implementation of the plan as work progresses.

The plan must be tailored to the particular project. Generic plans that do not contain the information relevant to the particular risks associated with the work will not satisfy the requirements of regulation 23. Photographs and sketches can greatly simplify and shorten explanations. It should also be organised so that relevant sections can easily be made available to designers and contractors.

Often the design and preparation for later work is not complete at the start of the construction phase. Nevertheless, the plan for the initial phase of the construction work must be prepared before any work begins. It should also address later activities that will require careful planning. It may only be practical to address such activities in outline form before work starts and most will require revision in the light of developments.


So you’re a busy builder, what does CDM 2015 require you to do?

If you are working for a domestic client, you will be in control of the project if you are the only contractor or the principal contractor.

You will be responsible for:

  • preparing a plan;
  • organizing the work; and
  • working together with others to ensure health and safety.

You could be a builder, plumber or other tradesman, doing small-scale routine work such as:

  • installing a kitchen or bathroom;
  • structural alterations, eg chimney breast removal;
  • roofing work, including dormer windows;
  • extension or loft conversion.

A simple plan before the work starts is usually enough to show that you have thought about health and safety.