Online Vibration (HAVS) Training Course

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Effective, engaging, and interactive Vibration (HAVS) training for your business and employees!

Do you need your workforce trained quickly but effectively in Vibration (HAVS)?  With impressive video presentations, great interactive games and a final exam where upon completion a certificate will be supplied, JAD Consulting has just the thing! 

Has your workforce received sufficient vibration (HAVS) training?

Hand-arm vibration syndrome (HAVS) causes numbness and uncomfortable sensations in the fingers, hands and arms. Vibrations from tools can travel through a worker’s hands and arms in as few as 6 months. The syndrome commonly manifests as Vibration white finger or Carpal tunnel syndrome. The latest annual statistics showed that 180 claims were made for Vibration Syndrome, and 145 for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

(Source: Health and Safety Executive – HSE)

Who is vibration (HAVS) training for?

Anyone who uses or is exposed to machinery that creates vibrations in the workplace should take this course. Vibration (HAVS) training shows employees how to keep safe and avoid injury in the workplace.

What does the vibration (HAVS) course cover?

The science behind vibrations (HAVS)

Symptoms of HAVS

The Control of Vibration at Work Regulations 2005

Vibration exposure levels

What is the benefit of vibration (HAVS) training to your business?

Most people using machinery that causes vibrations tend to work remotely or on field-work. Such employees can access this online training remotely or on the job using mobile devices. The course provides quick and effective training with up-to-the-minute progress records. Staff can complete their training at any time to suit your needs and can download their certificate upon completion.

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