Online Noise Training Course

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Effective, engaging, and interactive Noise training for your business and employees!

Do you need your workforce trained quickly but effectively in Noise?  With impressive video presentations, great interactive games and a final exam where upon completion a certificate will be supplied, JAD Consulting has just the thing! 

Has your workforce received sufficient noise training?

Noise exposure can cause temporary hearing problems, permanent hearing deterioration and complete deafness. Noise can also cause distraction and distress, which can heavily affect employee performance. Staff exposed to noise, whether as a one-off or continuously, must receive the training and protective equipment that they need to stay safe.

Who is noise training for?

Anyone who works with or around loud machinery will benefit from this training. In particular, quarry workers, mine workers and military employees are at a high risk of exposure to sudden noise blasts, for instance.

What does the noise course cover?

The causes of hearing damage.

How noise is measured.

How employers can protect employees against noise exposure in the workplace.

The Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005.

What is the benefit of noise training to your business?

This online course provides detailed information on the types of noise that people can be exposed to and how companies can take steps to prevent their staff from enduring hearing damage. Staff can complete their training at any time to suit your needs.

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