Online Legionnaires Awareness Course

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Effective, engaging, and interactive Legionnaires Awareness training for your business and employees!

The bacterium known as Legionella causes Legionnaires disease, which is a dangerous infection that can lead to pneumonia. This disease affects roughly 5 percent of people that are exposed to the bacterium, and around 12% of those become fatalities. 

Our Legionnaires Awareness training course takes apart the complexities of understanding this bacterium and the diseases it can cause, and allows you and your staff to properly understand how it works, and how to protect themselves and others. By completing this course you will be able to acknowledge and understand the most effective methods to prevent this bacterium from affecting your workplace.


What does this course cover?

What is Legionella?

The results of being infected with the bacteria

Dangers associated with Legionella

Legionnaires disease and its effects


What are the outcomes of this training?

Understanding what Legionella bacteria is

How people become inflicted with Legionnaires disease

The dangers of Legionnaires disease

How to properly prevent exposure to Legionella

Legislation surrounding Legionnaires disease

How to conduct risk assessments and audits related to the disease

How to control and protect water systems from Legionella bacteria

Monitoring and maintenance requirements

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