Online Infection Prevention & Control Training Course

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Effective, engaging, and interactive Infection Prevention & Control training for your business and employees!

Do you need your workforce trained quickly but effectively in the principles of Infection Prevention & Control?  With impressive video presentations, great interactive games and a final exam where upon completion a certificate will be supplied, JAD Consulting has just the thing! 

Who is this training for? 

This course will provide teams with the necessary knowledge and skills to help reduce the spread of infection in both healthcare and non-healthcare workplace environments. This training is effective for people working in both public and private sectors, especially those operating in the healthcare sector specifically.

What does the course cover?

The course delves into the base principles of how to prevent infection and the importance of implementing effective personal hygiene practices into your everyday functions. It also covers the ways you can use PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) correctly and safely.

With every purchased online course comes a certificate of completion after finishing the final exam, providing you with an accredited display of your training.

What is the benefit to your business of using our course?

This course will provide your staff with quick and effective knowledge and training on infection prevention & control training, helping to keep everyone in your workplace environment safe.



Here are some statistics to show just how vital it is to understand how to prevent and control infections:

1 in 10 patients get an infection whilst receiving medical care

Up to 32% of surgical patients get a post-operative infection

50-70% of injections given in developing countries are unsafe


The stats clearly tell us how important it is to properly control and prevent infection, but we’re not doing enough.

This Infection Prevention & Control course can show you and your employees how to effectively protect both themselves and others in the workplace, keeping everyone safe and healthy.


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