Online HACCP Level 2 Training Course

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Effective, engaging, and interactive HACCP Level 2 training for your business and employees!

Do you need your workforce trained quickly but effectively in HACCP Level 2?  With impressive video presentations, great interactive games and a final exam where upon completion a certificate will be supplied, JAD Consulting has just the thing! 

What is HACCP and why is it important?

HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) refers to a method that helps organisations manage food safety. The method involves identifying hazards in a food system and planning how to prevent such events. Hazards can be anything microbiological, chemical or physical that poses a threat to the production of safe food.

This internationally recognised food safety management system (FSMS) identifies Critical Control Points (CCP) that are essential to food safety during preparation and production. The system also implements control measures to ensure that food is safe for consumption.

In brief, HACCP is a proactive approach to food safety that seeks to identify and eradicate hazards before they occur.

Who is HACCP training for?

This course is for any food establishment that manufactures, prepares and/or serves food, such as cafes, restaurants and kitchens.

What does the course cover?

  • Legal requirements for food businesses.
  • Concepts that underpin a HACCP system.
  • Benefits of a HACCP system.

What is the benefit of HACCP training to your business?

This course will offer your staff quick and effective training on HACCP in your workplace. The training is suitable for private and public sector companies, including community homes (care homes) and other organisations in the healthcare sector.

As a food business, you and your staff need to have good personal hygiene. You must provide information on how to make sure both your staff and the food you serve are safe.

FSA – Food Standards Agency

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