Online Food Safety Training Course

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Effective, engaging, and interactive Food Safety training for your business and employees!

Our training course covers all major aspects of food safety ensuring that people that eat in your establishment do not suffer from food poisoning. Did you know that over 5.5 million people every year suffer from food poisoning, this needs to be rectified.

This course is to teach your staff how to implement a good work flow and know how to deal with food safely from the beginning at the source to ending with the consumption of the food.

All online users have free access to a risk assessment form, to complete this all you do is follow 5 simple steps.

What does this course cover?

Food Safety Law:

So that the health of the nation is protected the following food safety legislation applies to food business operators. The production, processing, distribution, retail, packaging and labelling of food stuffs are governed by a mass of laws, regulations, codes of practice and guidance.

Personal Hygiene:

Personal hygiene is all about our standard of dress and cleanliness. Good personal hygiene is important to make sure we are pleasant to be with, look our best and do not contaminate the food.

Cross Contamination:

Cross contamination can be a huge issue in food establishments. You will need to have an effective work flow to ensure that your kitchen does not cross contaminate.


You need to have a clean kitchen, but you must use cleaning chemicals carefully. Know the different types of cleaning chemicals that are available to you and know how to use each one. Here you can learn how to use an effective cleaning schedule in your food establishment.


There are many different types of bacteria that can affect humans, both good and bad. Bacteria are microscopic organisms, the bacteria known as pathogens cause the illness, food poisoning. Know how to avoid certain bacteria’s when working in any food establishment.

Pest Control:

This will show how to reduce pest infestation in your workplace and know what measures to implement into your workplace to achieve this.


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