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Effective, engaging, and interactive Fall Prevention training for your business and employees!

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The truth surrounding working at heights is clear; no measurement can answer the question ‘how high is high enough?’ The fact is that you can drown in a cup of tea, and just like injuries sustained due to the lack of falls prevention training, all it takes is for an employee to land awkwardly and an injury can be caused.

Therefore, no matter what height the operation – filing documents in an office environment; working ten storeys up on a construction site, or even if your job requires high rope access – if your feet are off ground level, you are classed as working at heights and thus need to abide by the work at height regulations. To adopt the work at height regulations, you and your workforce are in need of Falls Prevention training.

Fact: 7960 employed and self-employed people were injured between 2011-2012 due these accidents*.

It should be no surprise that nearly a quarter of all workplace injuries result from such incidents and that falls prevention training is a step in the right direction.

As well as this course, risk assessments are also an invaluable tool when it comes to fall prevention. For this reason, with any online purchase you make, whether you buy a single licence or enough licences to train your entire organisation on our online management system, every assigned user will be given access to our free ‘5 steps to risk assessment’ forms.

Falls Prevention Course Content:

Work at Height Regulations:

We overview the Work at Height Regulations (issued in 2005) – aimed to help reduce any possible injuries.

This section will give your workforce a more in-depth idea of who is responsible for the tasks of employees and explains how the Work at Height Regulations help to minimise any falls which could occur when working above ground level.

Employer, Employee and Self-Employed responsibilities:

When working at heights, everybody has different responsibilities and JAD Consulting’s Falls Prevention training course will clearly explain them to you.

Selecting Personal Protection Equipment:

Due to the wide range of Personal Protection Equipment, it’s important to know which piece of equipment is right for you and its suitability for the required job.


Ladders can be the most dangerous piece of access equipment due to their instability and the distance they can reach. We look at how to setup different types of ladders safely.

In this section, your workforce will gain a more in-depth knowledge of how to assemble and dismantle ladders. We will also highlight the best practices to ensure, if applied, everyone using ladders are safer and more health and safety conscious.

*source from HSE Website

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