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Computer Health and Safety in ICT – Course Information:

Have you ever found yourself rubbing your eyes? Straining your neck? Stretching your wrists and massaging your own back? Excessive use with Display Screen Equipment without sufficient computer health and safety in ICT training can be causing you long term damage without you even knowing it – this is called Repetitive Strain Injury, more commonly referred to as RSI.

It all sounds very doom and gloom, but all these negative effects on your health can easily be prevented, if not stopped, by going through some of our effective training on…yes…your screen.

Computer Health and Safety in ICT is relevant to any person who works on a DSE device for more than two hours a day. The course has been developed around the Display Screen Equipment Regulations 1992 to ensure you receive the fundamental knowledge for keeping yourself and your workforce safe from injury. To cover and train your staff with the relevant knowledge of computer health and safety in ICT, (to ensure that your workplace is compliant and healthy) you can purchase the DSE training course above. Also, this course comes with free online risk assessment forms as an extra support for your organisational needs.

Computer Health and Safety in ICT course content (as based around the Display Screen Equipment Regulations 1992):

Introduction to Computer Health and Safety in ICT:

This section explains what Display Screen Equipment is and highlights the specific objects which are classified as visual display units.

Display Screen Equipment Regulations 1992- (Computer Health and Safety in ICT):

Who is classed as a DSE User?

This section explains the responsibilities of both employers and employees when it comes to Display Screen Equipment – which are required by law.

Risk Assessments:

How to proactively identify potential issues which emanate from the use of visual display units.

Effects of using DSE:

We illustrate the injuries which can be caused by Display Screen Equipment use. We also illustrate how injuries caused by DSE use can be prevented.


In this section, we overview how poor posture can lead to injury and how correct posture can help you in your day to day work/social life.


How a workstation should look once properly set up.

Eye Damage:

One of the biggest problems with DSE is eye damage. Did you know that when using such equipment, your blink rate can reduce by half? We explain how visual display unit’s use can damage your eyes and show you the measures to be taken to avoid the risks associated with DSE use.

Portable VDU:

The law and regulations in accordance to laptops and other portable devices.

Electrical Safety:

We identify electrical safety issues when using VDU.


How damage from DSE can be fully prevented by performing simple exercises.

By simply training your employees in Display Screen Equipment Regulations 1992, you can keep them safe from injury whilst protecting your organisation from claim.

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