Online Cyber Security Training Course

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Effective, engaging, and interactive Cyber Security training for your business and employees!

Do you need your workforce trained quickly but effectively in Cyber Security?  With impressive video presentations, great interactive games and a final exam where upon completion a certificate will be supplied, JAD Consulting has just the thing! 

Has your workforce received sufficient training in Cyber Security?

Cyber attacks are becoming increasingly common in the 21st century:

Security breaches have increased by 11% within the last 12 months, and 67% since 2014.

Hackers attack every 39 seconds, on average 2,244 times each day. During 2019, 71% of breaches were financially motivated, and 25% were motivated by espionage.

You’re more likely to experience a data breach of at least 10,000 records (27.9%) than you are to catch the flu this winter (5-20%, according to WebMD.)

Who is Cyber Security training for?

This course is aimed at any UK company that has and uses any IT solutions, including PC’s, laptops, iPad’s, mobile phones, social media accounts and e-mail accounts. If your staff access any digital technology, your company is exposed to potential cyber attacks.

What does the Cyber Security course cover?

  • This Cyber Security course covers:
  • What is Cyber Security Crime?
  • The Social Engineering Attack Cycle
  • Insider Threat Management 
  • Types of Attacks

What is the benefit of Cyber Security training in your business?

This course puts Cyber Attacks/Security into perspective. Your workforce will understand:

  • How to deal with a cyber attack if all systems have been compromised.
  • What methods you can put in place to protect you and your establishment from cyber attacks.
  • Different methods and types of cyber attacks that you may be exposed to.

Unfortunately, cyber crimes are becoming increasingly prevalent. The consequences can be catastrophic, especially in terms of cost, loss of data, and liability. £47.2 billion was spent on e-commerce sites in the UK in 2019, offering valuable targets for hackers to cash in. It’s not always about the money though. Many hackers enjoy the pride of causing extensive damage too. Their reputation as a hacker is sometimes worth more than the money itself!

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