Online Asbestos Awareness Course

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This course is certified by the following organisations:

Effective, engaging, and interactive Asbestos Awareness training for your business and employees!

UKATA Asbestos Awareness Training. This course is a product of Callsafe services. “This UKATA course that we are offering for sale, is sold under license from Callsafe Services Limited, who is the UKATA approved Professional Member UK1209A, and this company, JAD Consulting Risk Management, are not a UKATA Professional Member for this classification of training, Asbestos Awareness” 

Online Asbestos Awareness Training

We advise that you do this online training course in a classroom environment, ideally sat in a quiet room, to be able to concentrate on the course subject. So in circumstances like doing this course on a busy train is not advisable. You should be doing this course without any assistance in any way.

Hardware – a preferred screen size of 10 inches or more is strongly recommended, although an absolute minimum of 7 inches is required. In terms of devices, we strongly recommend using a PC computer or Laptop screen with the above dimension screens. We do not advise in any way that the user is to do this online training course on mobile phones

As this course is designed to help protect you and others from Asbestos exposure. The course will demonstrate and show examples of areas that have had Asbestos within certain perimeters. If you think that you have found an area of a building that consists of Asbestos you should treat this with some urgency and inform your employer.

This course is purely for general guidance and you should always follow all codes, practises and regulations that are in place for Asbestos awareness. Also know what your working practices, policies and procedures are for dealing with Asbestos.

Do you know what codes, working practises and regulations are in place for Asbestos? Do you know the different types of asbestos? No? Well, do not worry as our Asbestos Awareness course does cover these vital points and much more. If you need basic awareness to gain access to certain sites, then this is the course.

This course will look at the basic principles of Asbestos awareness, however, after completing this course you will not be permitted, licensed or authorised to remove or repair any Asbestos under any circumstances. Making sure that you and your staff can gain quick but effective training in Asbestos awareness, gaining necessary knowledge when dealing with Asbestos materials.

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