Are you looking for a simple and effective training solution for your business? JAD Consulting are here to help! Our range of e-learning courses provide practical, flexible and a convenient way of learning designed to fit around your needs. By completing the appropriate courses you can ensure that your workforce have a basic understanding of health and safety principles and regulations that will help to protect them during their day to day work activities. Our training modules are ideal for sole traders, small businesses, medium sized businesses and large corporations.   

  • Staff can train via our online system at any time in bite sized chunks
  • Keep your staff training up to date year on year with our refresher courses
  • Check your employees progress using your online management account
  • Comply with the requirements of UK safety legislation for information and training for staff
  • No need for previous health and safety legislation knowledge
  • No need to pay for expensive trainers – buy what you need, when you need it!
  • Choose one or more courses and within minutes your staff can be working through engaging and interactive modules